K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter: High Performance, Premium, Designed to be used with Synthetic or Conventional Oils: Fits Select Suzuki Motorcycles, KN-138

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K&N premium oil filters for powersports vehicles utilize an innovative, highly efficient synthetic-blend filtration media designed to be compatible with synthetic, petroleum-based, and blended oils, including the high concentrations of synthetic racing oils. The heavy-duty canister is engineered to be exceptionally durable, and a 17mm welded hex nut can be used for quick and easy filter removal. Engineered to support exceptionally high flow rates while providing outstanding protection from harmful engine contaminants, each filter is specifically designed to withstand the service intervals recommended by vehicle manufacturers, and is protected by the K&N 1-Year Limited Warranty. Vehicle Fitment: 2002-2018 SUZUKI AN650 Burgman; 2013-2018 SUZUKI AN650A Burgman ABS; 2006-2018 SUZUKI AN650A Burgman Executive; 2005-2018 SUZUKI C50 Boulevard; 2005-2018 SUZUKI C50T Boulevard; 2013-2018 SUZUKI C90 Boulevard BOSS; 2005-2018 SUZUKI C90T Boulevard; 2002-2018 SUZUKI DL1000 V-Strom; 2014-2018 SUZUKI DL1000 V-Strom ABS; 2017-2018 SUZUKI DL1000 V-Strom XT; 2018 SUZUKI DL250 V-Strom; 2004-2018 SUZUKI DL650 V-Strom; 2007-2018 SUZUKI DL650A V-Strom ABS; 2015-2018 SUZUKI DL650A V-Strom XT ABS; 1999-2018 SUZUKI GSX1300R Hayabusa; 2016-2018 SUZUKI GSX1300RA Hayabusa; 2017-2018 SUZUKI GSX250R; 2018 SUZUKI GSX250R ABS; 2001-2018 SUZUKI GSXR1000; 2017-2018 SUZUKI GSXR1000 ABS; 2018 SUZUKI GSXR1000A; 2018 SUZUKI GSXR1000A GP; 2017-2018 SUZUKI GSXR1000R; 1997-2018 SUZUKI GSXR600; 2016-2018 SUZUKI GSXR600 30 Years; 2016-2018 SUZUKI GSXR600 GP; 1988-2018 SUZUKI GSXR750; 2015-2018 SUZUKI GSXS1000; 2016-2018 SUZUKI GSXS1000 ABS; 2016-2018 SUZUKI GSXS1000F ABS; 2018 SUZUKI GSXS1000Z; 2015-2018 SUZUKI GSXS750; 2016-2018 SUZUKI GSXS750 ABS; 2015-2018 SUZUKI GSXS750Z; 2013-2018 SUZUKI GW250; 2012-2018 SUZUKI LTA400F KingQuad ASi; 2018 SUZUKI LTA400F KingQuad ASi SE; 2015-2018 SUZUKI LTA500 KingQuad AXi; 2016-2018 SUZUKI LTA500 KingQuad AXi PS; 2016-2018 SUZUKI LTA500 KingQuad AXi PS SE; 2011-2018 SUZUKI LTA750 KingQuad AXi PS; 2016-2018 SUZUKI LTA750 KingQuad AXi PS SE; 2008-2018 SUZUKI LTA750X KingQuad AXi 4×4; 2018 SUZUKI LTA750XPC KingQuad AXi 4×4 PS; 2013-2018 SUZUKI LTF400F KingQuad FSi; 2014-2018 SUZUKI M109R Boulevard BOSS; 2005-2018 SUZUKI M50 Boulevard; 2009-2018 SUZUKI M90 Boulevard; 1999-2018 SUZUKI SV650; 2017-2018 SUZUKI SV650 ABS; 2018 SUZUKI SV650X; 2017 APRILIA RSV4 Racing Factory LE; 2015-2017 APRILIA RSV4 RR; 2015-2017 APRILIA Tuono V4 1100 Factory ABS; 2015-2017 APRILIA Tuono V4 1100RR ABS; 2016-2017 SUZUKI DL650XA V-Strom XT ABS; 2015-2017 SUZUKI GW250F; 2017 SUZUKI LTA500 KingQuad AXi PS SE Rugged; 2017 SUZUKI LTA750 KingQuad AXi PS SE Rugged; 2017 SUZUKI LTA750X KingQuad AXi 4×4 PS; 2006-2017 SUZUKI VZR1800 Intruder; 2015-2016 APRILIA RSV4 RF; 2016 APRILIA RSV4 RF LE; 2014-2016 SUZUKI C50 Boulevard BOSS; 2014-2016 SUZUKI DL1000 V-Strom ABS Adventure; 2009-2016 SUZUKI GSF1250 Bandit; 2011-2016 SUZUKI GSR750; 2010-2016 SUZUKI GSX1250FA; 2008-2016 SUZUKI GSX650F; 2016 SUZUKI GSXR1000 Commemorative Edition; 2016 SUZUKI GSXR1000 GP; 2014-2016 SUZUKI LTA400F KingQuad ASi LE; 2015-2016 SUZUKI LTA750 KingQuad 4×4; 2006-2016 SUZUKI M109R Boulevard; 2009-2016 SUZUKI VZ1500 Intruder M1500; 2015 KYMCO Maxxer 450i; 2013-2015 KYMCO Maxxer 450i 4×4; 2011-2015 KYMCO MXU450i; 2015 KYMCO MXU450i Camo; 2015 KYMCO MXU450i LE 50th Anniversary; 2012-2015 SUZUKI DL650A V-Strom ABS Adventure; 2009-2015 SUZUKI LTA500XP KingQuad AXI PS; 2014-2015 SUZUKI LTA750 KingQuad AXi PS LE; 2009-2015 SUZUKI SFV650; 2005-2015 SUZUKI VL800 Intruder C800; 2011-2014 APRILIA RSV4 Factory; 2011-2014 APRILIA Tuono V4 R; 2012-2014 KYMCO MXU450i 4×4 IRS; 2012-2014 KYMCO MXU450i 4×4 IRS LE; 2005-2014 SUZUKI GSF650 Bandit; 2014 SUZUKI GSX1300R Hayabusa 50th Ann. Edition; 2014 SUZUKI GSXR1000 SE; 2014 SUZUKI GSXR750 50th Ann. Edition; 2014 SUZUKI LTA750X KingQuad AXi 4×4 LE; 2014 SUZUKI LTF400F KingQuad FSi LE; 2007-2014 SUZUKI M109RZ Boulevard Ltd; 2005-2014 SUZUKI M800 Intruder; 2013 APRILIA RSV 1000 R Factory; 2009-2013 SUZUKI C50 Boulevard SE; 2005-2013 SUZUKI C90 Boulevard; 2006-2013 SUZUKI GSX1300R Hayabusa Limited Edition; 2013 SUZUKI GSXR1000 1 Million C.E.; 2008-2013 SUZUKI VLR1800 C1800R Intruder; 2012 KYMCO MXU375 4×4 IRS; 2008-2012 KYMCO MXU400; 2012 SUZUKI C50T Boulevard Classic; 2012 SUZUKI DL1000 V-Strom Adventure; 2007-2012 SUZUKI GSF1250 Bandit S; 2007-2012 SUZUKI GSX1300BK B-King; 2008-2012 SUZUKI LTA400F KingQuad Auto 4×4; 2008-2012 SUZUKI LTF400F KingQuad 4×4; 2010-2011 KYMCO MXU375 IRS; 2010-2011 KYMCO MXU375 IRS LE; 2008-2011 SUZUKI LTF400F KingQuad 4×4 Camo; 2009-2011 SUZUKI VLR1800 C1800RT Intruder; 1997-2011 SUZUKI VZ800 Marauder
HIGH FLOW RATES: Designed to provide exceptional flow rates and a consistent flow of oil to your engine
PROTECT YOUR ENGINE:  Synthetic-blend filtration media removes most harmful contaminants
EXTENSIVELY TESTED: Laboratory tested to ensure excellent capacity and burst strength
VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: Designed to operate with all synthetic, conventional, and blended motor oils
EASY TO REMOVE: Fast and easy Wrench-Off removal
HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Heavy-duty canister for outstanding durability
NO-HASSLE WARRANTY: 1-Year Limited Warranty
Fit type: Vehicle Specific

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Price: $16.63
(as of Jan 02, 2024 01:51:59 UTC – Details)

The K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter KN-138 is a high-performance, premium oil filter designed to meet the demands of both synthetic and conventional oils. This oil filter is specifically designed to fit select Suzuki motorcycles, providing a perfect fit and optimum performance.

With a reputation for quality and reliability, K&N oil filters are known for their exceptional filtration efficiency and durability. The KN-138 is built to withstand the rigorous conditions of motorcycle riding, ensuring that your engine receives clean oil for maximum protection and performance.

Whether you are a casual rider or a performance enthusiast, the K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter KN-138 is the ideal choice for keeping your Suzuki motorcycle running smoothly. Trust K&N to deliver top-notch filtration and superior protection for your engine.


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