KIMO Cordless Car Buffer Polisher Kit w/1 Hour Fast Charger, 5 Variable Speeds, 4-INCH Small Buffer Polisher for Car Detailing, 6 Accessories for Car Waxing/Scratch Removing/Home Appliance Polishing

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Chainsaw+Ratchet Wrench

Impact Wrench+Ratchet Wrench

Impact Wrench

Leaf Blower

leaf blower+polihser

12v battery+chainsaw

Nail Gun+Oscillating

Pole Saw

Leaf Blower+Grinder +Ratchet

Electric Sprayer+Its Accessory

Bag & End Tube+Cover

Battery + Charger

πŸš—γ€ππ¨ 𝐂𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬 𝐋𝐒𝐦𝐒𝐭 π€π§π²π¦π¨π«πžγ€‘KIMO cordless car buffers and polishers kit help you get rid of the annoying cord. No more cords get caught on a tire, need not drag the cords back, it is a huge relief. The battery-powered polisher for car detailing give you absolute freedom in movement. KIMO power polishers & buffers, no boundary, no limitation.
πŸš—γ€π‹π¨π§π -π₯𝐒𝐟𝐞 𝐋𝐒-𝐒𝐨𝐧 ππšπ­π­πžπ«π²γ€‘For over 25 years, K I M O has had a leading position in battery technology in the tool field. Our 1,000-Charging Cycle Test guarantees that each K I M O. battery is lighter, more powerful, and lives longer than others. It should be noted that the service life of the battery is related to the way the battery is stored, but when the product is not in use, please take out the battery and place it in a dry and ventilated place.
πŸš—γ€π‹π’π π‘π­π°πžπ’π π‘π­ & π„π«π π¨π§π¨π¦π’πœ πƒπžπ¬π’π π§γ€‘Weighs only 1.7lbs and portable design makes KIMO mini polisher easy for carrying and store. Besides, the ergonomic rubber handle allows you to operate the orbital polisher much easier without any hurts on the car paint, perfectly suitable for beginners, home DIYers, or commercial applications such as auto care and maintenance.
πŸš—γ€π•πšπ«π’πšπ›π₯𝐞 π’π©πžπžππ¬ 𝐟𝐨𝐫 π•πžπ«π¬πšπ­π’π₯𝐞 𝐀𝐩𝐩π₯π’πœπšπ­π’π¨π§γ€‘KIMO random orbital polisher buffer produces up to 3000RPM, which is powerful enough for a professionals yet safe enough for beginners. You can adjust speeds of the car polisher (from 600 to 3000RPM) by pressing +/- buttons to suit various tasks or materials. Low speed for waxing and buffing; Medium speed for polishing and cleaning while high speed for removing paint defects and oxidation.
πŸš—γ€π‚π¨π¦π©π«πžπ‘πžπ§π¬π’π―πž 𝐊𝐒𝐭𝐬 – π†πžπ­ π’π­πšπ«π­πžπγ€‘Each KIMO. Cordless buffer polisher Combo comes with 1*12V car buffer, 1*2.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, 1*Fast Charger, 1*4-Inch Replaceable Paste Tray, 1*Woolen rotary polisher pad, 1*Microfiber Polishing Pad, 1*Flat Foam Pad, 1*Wave Foam Pad. The wave foam the auto buffers and polishers improves its effectiveness by providing better pad contact with the surface, which reduces heat build-up and delivers polishing action.
πŸš—γ€π‘πžπ©π₯πšπœπžπšπ›π₯𝐞 ππšπ­π­πžπ«π²γ€‘The KIMO car buffer polisher kit comes with a battery that can run for up to 15 minutes on a full charge. After receiving the product, please fully charge the battery before use. Moreover, the battery is removable and replaceable. KIMO products have professional brand support. When your battery ages, you can replace it with a new one (we have separate battery accessories for sale), which will improve the product’s cost performance and save you costs.

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Price: $59.99
(as of Jan 02, 2024 01:50:26 UTC – Details)

Introducing the KIMO Cordless Car Buffer Polisher Kit, the perfect tool for achieving professional-quality car detailing at home. This kit comes with a 1-hour fast charger, allowing you to get back to polishing quickly and efficiently. The 5 variable speeds make it easy to adjust to your specific polishing needs, while the 4-inch small buffer polisher is perfect for reaching all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle.

The kit also includes 6 accessories for car waxing, scratch removal, and home appliance polishing, making it a versatile tool for all your polishing needs. The cordless design allows for easy maneuverability, so you can get the job done without being tethered to an outlet.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast looking to keep your vehicle in pristine condition or simply want to give your home appliances a new shine, the KIMO Cordless Car Buffer Polisher Kit is the perfect solution. Get yours today and experience the difference a high-quality polishing kit can make.


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