XGP Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset V5.2 with Music Sharing, 1200m Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth with IP67 Waterproof, Motorcycle communication Systems with Hi-FI Speakers/Strong Bass for Dirt Bike, 1 Pack

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XGP is a cost-effective Motorcycle Bluetooth headset designed specifically for motorcycle riders, aiming to provide higher quality sound and more stable wireless connection, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of music, navigation, and calls while riding, enhancing the riding pleasure and experience for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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What is the design vison of this XGP motorcycle bluetooth headset?

The XGP motorcycle bluetooth headset has a unique appearance design, strong outline, fuselage line sense and layer sense is obvious, similar to the science fiction film aircraft, highlighting the speed and passion, the sense of battle, science and technology and the sense of the future. It is consistent with the characteristics of pursuing speed and passion of motorcycle.

[Light and Slim & Easy to Install] The XGP motorcycle bluetooth headset is only 39g weight and 15mm thick. With its lightweight design, the XGP fits perfectly onto the helmet, providing a feather-like lightness and virtually no burden, giving you a seamless riding experience without any constraints. The installation is simple and secure, requiring no additional tools such as complicated screws. It effortlessly attaches to the helmet, allowing you to stay focused on your ride.
[1200m Long Distance Intercom Talk& Qualcomm Bluetooth V5.2] The XGP motorcycle helmet bluetooth can support up to 2 riders intercom talk at one time with 1200m long distance.Adapted Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.2 chip, it offers faster data transmission, lower latency, and a broader transmission range, allowing you to effortlessly enjoy music and calls with greater ease while riding. The bluetooth connection intercom talk only takes 5 seconds to complete with one-button operation.
[1000MAH Great Battery life & IP67 Waterproof] The XGP helmet bluetooth headset With its high-capacity 1000mAh battery, there is no need for frequent charging. In just 2 hours, it can provide you with up to 30 hours of music playback and 35 hours of intercom and call experience. Besides, the XGP Motorcycle Bluetooth features a comprehensive waterproof design with IP67 CLASS, with each component carefully sealed to effectively resist water ingress during your ride, allowing you to stay focused on the joy of riding.
[Music Sharing& 40mm Hi-fi Stereo speaker] The XGP motorcycle communication systems not only provides you with personal music enjoyment but also supports music sharing mode. It effortlessly connects with your fellow riders, allowing you and your buddies to simultaneously enjoy the same song and share a musical feast together. Equipped with a 40mm Hi-fi Speaker and professionally tuned audio, the XGP Helmet Speakers presents every detail with clarity and vibrancy. The bass is deep and powerful, the mid-range is full and transparent, and the high notes are clear and pleasing, delivering a breathtaking audio experience.
[DSP/CVC and Microphone Noise Cancelling& Universal Pairing] By utilizing triple noise reduction technology including DSP/CVC/built-in microphone, the XGP motorcycle intercom effectively eliminates environmental noise, ensuring that your voice is heard clearly by the other party, no matter the level of background noise, resulting in a purer and clearer sound. And the universal pairing feature of XGP allows it to seamlessly connect and be compatible with other brands of helmet headsets, making it easy to connect and use.

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Introducing the XGP Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset V5.2, the perfect communication and entertainment solution for motorcycle riders. This advanced headset features music sharing capabilities, allowing you to share your favorite tunes with fellow riders. With a range of 1200m, you can easily stay connected with others on the road.

Equipped with IP67 waterproof rating, this motorcycle helmet Bluetooth is built to withstand the elements, ensuring durability and reliability in all weather conditions. The hi-fi speakers deliver strong bass and crystal-clear sound, enhancing your riding experience with immersive music and clear communication.

Whether you’re on a dirt bike or cruising the open road, this motorcycle communication system is designed to enhance your ride. With easy installation and intuitive controls, the XGP Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset V5.2 is a must-have for any rider looking to stay connected and entertained on the go.

Get the XGP Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset V5.2 today and elevate your riding experience with exceptional sound quality, reliable communication, and durable design.


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