VSYSTO Fish Eye Camera WiFi Motorcycle Dash Cam, 150° Wide Angle SONYIMX307 Lens, 3″ IPS Screen GPS WDR HD 1080P Front & Rear Sports Action Camera DVR, Waterproof Case, G-Sensor Loop Recording

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motorcycle dash cammotorcycle dash cam

Why choose Vsysto dash cam?

This dash cam is especially designed for motorcycles, aims to improve safety and practicality, provide you with a comprehensive record when you use it. It will be the most considerate companion on your journey!Note:After receiving it, please use the configured USB cable to connect the 5V power bank and the recorder host to test whether it can record normally, and then install it. If you are unwilling to connect the motorcycle power supply, you can use the configured USB cable to connect to the power bank for power supply. The output voltage of the power bank should be 5V. If it exceeds or falls below, the recorder may be damaged or not turned on. A memory card is NOT included in the packaging. Please use a high-quality memory card of class 10 and above. Max Support 256 GB. It is a normal heat dissipation phenomenon that the main unit of the recorder will heat up, as long as it does not affect normal use, it will be fine.Never connect to unmatchable power adapter nor bend the power cable too hard in case of short circuit. Never disassemble nor attempt repair of this product. Doing so may damage the DVR, cause electronic shock. Due to the limitation of the communication protocol, some mobile phone models may not be able to connect to the WiFi of the recorder. If this problem occurs, you can try another phone or turn off mobile data and then connect to WiFi.Solutions for WiFi connection problem on some mobile phones: Android : Firstly turn off your phone’s mobile data and then connect to DVR’s WiFi. If the prompt“ Trust this Network” appears, you must click “YES”, because Android phone forbids mobile data to ensure the recorded video file transferring speed from DVR to mobile phone. IOS : Allows the mobile phone to continue to use the mobile network after connecting to the recorder via WIFI, but it affects the speed of downloading the DVR’s video files to the mobile phone.Precautions for WiFi of recorder: (1)The recorder cannot be controlled remotely using the mobile APP. The recorder has a built-in WiFi module, which is used only as a medium to synchronize video and pictures recorded by the recorder. It does not provide mobile data like a home network. (2)The recorder must be turned on to connect to WiFi. The connection distance between the mobile APP and the recorder WiFi should not exceed 16.4ft, otherwise the connection may be disconnected.If need to replace the camera, please search for ASIN: B0BTYHKD11; If need to replace the camera bracket, please search for ASIN: B08CXD2WN1 or B0BTYJPCQ2;If need the camera extension cable, please search for ASIN: B0BTYLS6R2 ; If need to replace GPS, please search for ASIN: B0BTYJY9JT;If need power cable, please search for ASIN: B09LGSPGR2 or B0BTYH4MHT; If need rear view mirror bracket, please search for ASIN: B07RLB8FY4; If need host bracket, please search for ASIN: B082X78G21 or B0BTYK8C7R;If need camera bracket, please search for ASIN: B08CXD2WN1; If need remote control, please search for ASIN: B0BTYJY4W6; If need USB test cable, please search for ASIN: B0BTYK97WQ; If need bluetooth tire pressure sensors, please search for ASIN: B0BY2QDV8Y;If need 2-in-1 GPS Cable, please search for ASIN:B0BTYH7BF3;


Model D2 Display Size 3.0” LCD Camera Sensor SONYIMX307 Video Resolution & Format HD 1080P(1920*1080); MOV(H.264) Lens 6-layer All Glass Camera View Angle 150° Fish Eye Camera Rear Camera Mirror Support Power Cable ACC Power Module Memory Card (Not Include) Support up to 256GB, Class 10 and above GPS Support Waterproof Main unit is Not waterproof, Cameras is waterproof Temperature -10~+65 °C Humidity 4%~90% RH Camera Extension Cable Front Cam: 6.56ft; Rear Cam:6.56ft Waterproof Case Waterproof Case + Handlebar Bracket (Optional: B07TRLM4Z8 )

IP67 Waterproof Level & Freely AdjustIP67 Waterproof Level & Freely Adjust


 6-layer Full Glass Lens  6-layer Full Glass Lens

IP67 Waterproof Level & Freely Adjust

On rainy days, the excellent water resistance of cameras will increase your cycling comfort. You can put the dash cam main unit under the seat.You can freely adjust the angle of the camera.


GPS allows drivers to know latitude and longitude, driving speed and driving track of the recorded video. You can view the recorded video driving track on the mobile APP(“WiFi Camera”) or computer software(“DV Player”) .

6-layer Full Glass Lens

With SONYIMX307 CMOS Sensor, you can get comparatively clearer footage and image at night. This will effectively improve your driving safety.The 150° wide-angle front and rear cameras can provide you and your motorcycle with all round protection. 6-layer glass lenses are covered by a special anti-glare polarizing filter, with the advantages of better light transmittance and less reflections in your recording.

Loop recordingLoop recording

 G-sensor help record video evidence in case of an accident  G-sensor help record video evidence in case of an accident

WiFi Support WiFi Support

Loop Recording

With loop recording enabled, users will have the option to record videos in loops of 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 minute video files. If the TF card is full, the earliest recorded video will be overwritten, but the locked videos will not be overwritten.


Automatically capture accidental driving accidents in time and save collision video files, effectively protect your legal rights.Video files recorded in emergency mode are protected from being overwritten by normal recording video.Note: When saved video file of each camera exceeds together 10 KEY-XXX or GSR-XXX videos,system will delete the earliest one KEY/GSR files.

WiFi Support

Using the VSYSTO Motor App “WiFi Camera” could connect to camera , no need for mobile cellular data, you can view real-time video, download video, edit (clip & add music), and share the video directly on your phone without removing the memory card.

More Features

auto power onauto power on



Automatic Video Recording

The DVR starts automatically with the key ignition and turns off once the bike is not being used. Please make sure the yellow wire is connected to an ACC power source, such as headlight, tail light, horn, and others which is associated with the ignition.

Waterproof Connector

Waterproof connector ensures normal transmission even in rainy days, ensuring the stability of the video signal.

Packing List

1* Host1* Front & Rear Camera with Extension Cables1* Waterproof Case with Bracket1* Wired Controller1* GPS1* Power Cable1* USB Test Cable 1* Ties1* User Manual


ACC Power Cable Connection Method: The red wire is connected to the positive pole of the motorcycle power supply, the black wire is connected to the negative pole, and the yellow wire is connected to the ACC power of motorcycle. If you don’t know which is the ACC interface, you can refer to the video on the product details page.

Screen Size
3 Inch 2 Inch 4 Inch No Screen

6-layer full glass 6-layer full glass 6-layer full glass 6-layer full glass

Camera Resolution
1920x1080P 1920x1080P 1920x1080P 1920x1080P

View Angle
150° 150° 150° 130°





Not Support Not Support

Not Support

Main unit is Not waterproof, Cameras waterproof Dash Cam main unit and cameras waterproof Dash Cam main unit and cameras waterproof Dash Cam main unit and cameras waterproof

Mirror Image
Rear Camera Rear Camera Rear Camera Not Support

Split Screen
1/2 Split Screen 1/2 Split Screen 1/2 Split Screen Not Support

🏍【Motorcycle Dash Cam System】:With SONYIMX307 sensor, front and rear both 1080P resolution. 3 inch big LCD screen. With F1.8 large aperture to capture 30% more light and provide motorcycle rider with super night vision. This expensive lens has advanced “WDR” technology, the unique feature can automatically capture more lights, adjust the brightness to take clear, color-accurate video even in low-light environments.You will get beautiful robust clearer image.
🏍【Dual 1080P Motorcycle Security Camera】:6-layer full glass, 150 degree wide angle lens, waterproof dual fish eyes camera and this’s our best super camera now. Special designed for motorcycle/motorbike. Recording road situation and accident proof, protecting riders’ safe.
🏍【Multifunctional Wired Remote Control】:The up button can switch between different camera image modes. OK button can enter the menu settings and manually enter the emergency recording mode, then the front and rear cameras will simultaneously capture a picture. The down button can enter backup camera mode with parking line. The LED indicator can indicate the working status of the recorder and GPS.
🏍【Equipped with GPS Tracker】:Users can know which driving route, speed, longitude and latitude they are at through GPS. Mobile APP(“WiFi Camera”) and computer software (“DV Player”) can view the driving track of recorded video.
🏍【Without Charging All the Time】:Professional motorcycle dash camera is power supplied by motorcycle engine directly.Customers do not need charge. Not worry about battery anymore. Additional waterproof case with bracket, even on a rainy day can normal record. It is great gift for friends and families.
🏍【 Loop Recording, Emergency Recording, Wifi Function】: When the memory card is full, it will overwrite the old file. Built-in WiFi module can connect recorder and mobile phone APP, then view and edit recorded video on APP. Built-in G-sensor, when it is triggered, the recorder will enter the emergency recording mode, and the recorded video will not be overwritten by the normal recorded video.
🏍【100% Quality Assurance and One Year After Sales Service】:We are a company that design and develop this motorcycle camera ourselves, we could help you solve most of questions you would meet. All products of us are inspected before shipment and we can offer you a one-year warranty.

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Price: $189.99
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Introducing the VSYSTO Fish Eye Camera WiFi Motorcycle Dash Cam, the ultimate solution for capturing all of your motorcycle adventures in stunning detail. This state-of-the-art dash cam features a 150° wide angle SONYIMX307 lens, ensuring that you capture every scenic view and thrilling moment on the road. The 3″ IPS screen allows for easy playback and navigation, while the built-in GPS ensures that you can track your route and speed with precision.

With WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology and HD 1080P resolution, this camera delivers crystal clear footage, even in low light or high contrast environments. The included waterproof case allows you to take the camera on any adventure, no matter the weather conditions. Plus, with G-Sensor technology and loop recording, you can rest assured that your footage is always safe and secure.

Whether you’re recording your daily commute or embarking on an epic motorcycle journey, the VSYSTO Fish Eye Camera WiFi Motorcycle Dash Cam is the perfect companion for any rider. Don’t miss a moment – capture it all with this top-of-the-line sports action camera.


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