VSYSTO 4” Screen WiFi Motorcycle Dash Cam, Tire Pressure Sensors, Parking Monitoring, Timed Recording After Flameout, GPS, Full Body Waterproof HD 1080P SONY307 Front & Rear Camera WDR (Black-4Inch)

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3 Inch Screen WiFi Car Dash Cam with TPMS, HD 1080P Front and Rear Camera

🏍【Equipped with GPS Tracker & TPMS】:Users can know which driving route, longitude and latitude, altitude, atmospheric pressure they are at through GPS. The tire pressure monitoring system can check the tire pressure and temperature of the motorcycle. When the tire pressure exceeds the set minimum or maximum threshold, it will sound an alarm.
🏍【HD 1080P and WDR Technology】:Six-layer glass lens, 1080P Full HD, 150° wide angle camera, SONYIMX307 COMS Sensor can capture every moment both front and back of your car clearly. Advanced “WDR” technology can automatically capture more lights, adjust the brightness to take clear, color-accurate video even in low-light environments.You will get beautiful robust clearer image.
🏍【24-hour Parking Monitoring】When someone knocks down or moves your motorcycle, the recorder detects that it has been shaken, it will automatically turn on and record for 30 seconds, and then turn off automatically. You can turn this function on and off according to your needs. Note: USB power supply and electric vehicle installation do not take effect. Note: The battery voltage cannot be lower than 11.8V.
🏍【Timed Recording after Flameout】You can set the recording time(15 minutes to 3 hours) after the flame is turned off in the menu according to your needs. After you turn off and leave the motorcycle, the dash cam will continue to record for a period of time according to the time you set. The intelligent power cord will automatically power off to protect the battery from loss of power.
🏍【Auxiliary Display Mode】:Users can enter the auxiliary display mode to view different display interfaces through the down button of the remote control: current vehicle speed during driving; tire pressure and temperature; battery power display; altitude, longitude and latitude, atmospheric pressure; short-term memory driving speed and ODO; Time and date.
★Tips: The F9D recorder has been upgraded and some new functions have been added: 1. The tire pressure function can be turned off in the menu. The system is enabled by default; 2. The WiFi name of each device is unique. This solves the problem of the same WiFi name displayed when multiple motorcycle recorders of the same model are turned on; 3. Freely choose whether you need date watermark. There are 4 date watermark options: off/date + recorder model/date/ recorder model.
★4.The license plate number watermark can be added freely. The default watermark of the software is VSYSTOF9, which can be changed to your own license plate number. Note: The license plate number watermark can only use English letters and numbers, and the license plate number with special characters cannot be added. Adding this feature requires a specific TXT document to be upgraded.(Previously purchased recorder do not have these new features, please contact us if you need an upgrade.)

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Price: $289.99
(as of Jan 01, 2024 12:20:43 UTC – Details)

Introducing the VSYSTO 4” Screen WiFi Motorcycle Dash Cam, equipped with state-of-the-art features to keep you safe and secure on the road. This innovative dash cam comes with tire pressure sensors, allowing you to monitor your tire pressure in real-time and ensuring a smooth and safe ride.

With parking monitoring, timed recording after flameout, and GPS capabilities, you can rest easy knowing that your motorcycle is always protected, even when you’re not around. The full-body waterproof HD 1080P SONY307 front and rear cameras provide crystal clear footage, capturing every detail of your ride with stunning clarity.

The advanced WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology ensures optimal video quality in any lighting condition, so you’ll never miss a moment. The 4” screen and WiFi connectivity make it easy to review footage and adjust settings on the go.

Whether you’re a daily commuter or a weekend warrior, the VSYSTO 4” Screen WiFi Motorcycle Dash Cam is the perfect addition to your ride, providing peace of mind and unparalleled protection. Stay safe, stay connected, and capture every moment with this cutting-edge motorcycle dash cam.


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