Pimp Stixxx (PS 100-Z) Black Component Cleaning and Detailing System

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Ever Wrapped a Rag around a Screwdriver to Clean Something? That’s how this kit works. The Pimp Stixxx Detailing System uses a patent-pending motorcycle detailing and polishing technology that helps you easily remove dirt, grease, and grime from tight hard to reach areas utilizing a series of various straight and angled component handles, 7 component cleaning heads, and a cloth. This kit is much more than a bunch of Q-tips! It is totally re-useable and should last for many seasons. The 4 1/4″ head cleaner was designed to clean and polish between the cooling fins of the heads, but will bend and flex around valve lifters, behind the oil filter and top of the oil tank, and around the starter, wires, and transmission. The cone/pick head is perfect for getting into and around bolts. Chisel and Block cleaning heads are great for cleaning and polishing the motor around the exhaust pipes and the top of the rocker boxes. It’s time to make your busted knuckles and scratched chrome a thing of the past!!! Pimp Stixxx are safe to use on chrome, billet aluminum, powder coating, and painted surfaces provided they are used as directed. The component handles are made of tempered aluminum coated with chemical resistant vinyl, allowing for a sturdy working device, while providing the safety of a non-marking hand tool. The component heads are made from self-lubricating, non-marking, high-density plastic that is resistant to petroleum and chemicals to insure a quality product and a lasting integrity. With the newly redesigned case there is no more dumping all the components out to find what you are looking for. Just unzip the case and fold it flat, to display all the parts.
Same great Pimp Stixxx New Zippered Case; You no longer have to dump all the components out to use the kit; The new, included, ballistic nylon Pimp Case unzips to a flat configuration for easy display and storage
A true component system; All pieces are threaded to be inter-connectable and can be built to 24″ long using the ferrule connectors
Choose a cloth per your cleaning requirements.
Use a cotton knit cloth for general cleaning and de-greasing
Use a microfiber cloth for polishing and shining.
Pimp Stixxx work great with any cleaning solution or polish
Cleaning heads are constructed of self-lubricating, non-marking, high-density plastic and the handles are jacketed in chemical resistant vinyl
*****Important Update *****As of 07/01/2020 Pimp Kits will no longer contain the Pimp Rags referenced in the instructions. Please select your own cotton cloth for cleaning and de-greasing or a microfiber cloth for polishing.
Perfect for Automobiles, Boats, Aircraft, and Motorcycles

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Price: $29.99 - $27.99
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Introducing the Pimp Stixxx (PS 100-Z) Black Component Cleaning and Detailing System, the ultimate solution for cleaning and detailing those hard-to-reach areas of your vehicle or motorcycle. This innovative tool features a variety of differently shaped and sized tips, allowing you to easily clean spaces that are inaccessible with traditional cleaning tools.

The Pimp Stixxx (PS 100-Z) is perfect for cleaning intricate components such as wheels, engine bays, undercarriages, and other tight spaces. The durable construction and black finish make it a stylish addition to your car detailing kit.

Say goodbye to dirt and grime in those hard-to-reach places with the Pimp Stixxx (PS 100-Z) Black Component Cleaning and Detailing System. Whether you’re an automotive enthusiast or a professional detailer, this versatile tool is a must-have for achieving a showroom-quality finish on your vehicle. Order yours today and experience the difference!


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