Muc-Off Motorcycle Waterless Wash & Protectant Kit – Motorcycle Cleaning Kit, Motorcycle Detailing Kit – Includes Waterless Wash and Protection Spray

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Looking for the perfect gift for the motorbike fanatic in your life? Or just a great value treat for yourself? Then look no further. Here at Muc-Off, we know that a clean bike is a fast bike. By cleaning your motorcycle regularly, you’ll keep muck and grime at bay which will make your bike more efficient and reduce the likelihood of mechanical problems. To help you out, we’ve developed a range of gnarly motorcycle cleaning kits that make bike maintenance a breeze. The Muc-Off Motorcycle Waterless Wash and Protectant Kit covers the basics when it comes to cleaning and protecting your ride. This kit isn’t style specific – so it’s jam-packed with all the essentials for any rider, from road rippers to dirt demons. The Waterless Wash and Protectant Kit contains a bottle of our pink Waterless Wash for an all-over clean without the need to rinse and a can of Motorcycle Protectant for that post-wash protective bling that will help to prevent corrosion and reduce dirt adhesion between washes! As if that wasn’t enough, this kit comes one of our handiest bike cleaning tools – our Luxury Microfiber Cloth – to help you tackle the post-ride grime fest.
THE ULTIMATE GIFT: Muc-Off motorcycle cleaning kits make a perfect gift for any motorsports fanatic; We’ve bundled together a selection of our best products to get you started with super easy bike maintenance – whether you’re a weekend warrior or a dedicated ripper, there’s a Muc-Off kit for you!
CLEAN & PROTECT: This gnarly bundle is loaded some of our hardest hitters for basic motorbike care including our Waterless Wash and a can of Motorcycle Protectant to give you that post-wash protective bling!
BIKE CLEANING TOOLS: To make your post-shred clean up even easier, we’ve packed this kit with a one of our handiest cleaning tools so that you can give your bike some serious TLC; The Waterless Wash Kit includes a Microfiber cloth
SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF BIKE: Whether you prefer to hit the tarmac or go rogue off-road, our motorcycle cleaning kits are suitable for use on all bikes; Our comprehensive product range has been designed to look after all two-wheeled toys!

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Price: $39.90
(as of Jan 02, 2024 04:03:25 UTC – Details)

Introducing the Muc-Off Motorcycle Waterless Wash & Protectant Kit – the ultimate solution for keeping your motorcycle looking pristine without the need for water. This comprehensive cleaning kit includes a powerful waterless wash and a protective spray to keep your bike shining and protected in between washes.

The waterless wash is formulated to effortlessly lift and remove dirt, grime, and grease without the need for water, making it the perfect solution for those quick and convenient clean-ups. It leaves behind a streak-free finish, leaving your motorcycle looking spotless and shiny.

The protectant spray included in the kit provides a long-lasting barrier against the elements, protecting your bike’s paintwork, metal, and plastics from UV damage, oxidation, and general wear and tear. Its advanced formula ensures that your motorcycle stays looking like new for longer.

This motorcycle cleaning kit is essential for any rider looking to maintain their bike’s appearance and protect it from the elements. Keep your motorcycle looking its best with the Muc-Off Motorcycle Waterless Wash & Protectant Kit.


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