Logixtar Wired Mini GPS Tracker Kill Switch for car, Motorcycle, Truck and Any Motor Vehicle, Remotely Power Cutting, get alerts, History, Plan from $6.50. US Support, no Contract Cancel Anytime

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Product Description

Logo LogixtarLogo Logixtar

The future of satellite trackingThe future of satellite tracking

Alerts LogixtarAlerts Logixtar

Geofence tool LogixtarGeofence tool Logixtar

History reportHistory report

Maintanence tool Maintanence tool

Unlimited Alerts

Set and receive alerts as push notification, and email, get alerts as Geofence, battery life, speed, area in/out (Geo-fence) and maintenance.

Unlimited Geo-Fence

Create geofences and get a realtime notification alert if your tracker leaves or enters an specific area.

History Play Back

Get and see all of the locations it has been with detailed address information, speed, and time stops for one year.

Maintenance Tool

With the maintenance tool, you can setup vehicle maintenance schedule to remind you of when the next vehicle service is due.

Kill switch GPS trackerKill switch GPS tracker

Protect your assets

Cut the power/fuel

With just a click send a command and take control of you vehicle cutting the power/fuel anytime.

Restore anytime

Sending the restore command the vehicle can be the engine on again.

ACC detection

The Logixtar device can monitoring the ACC status of the vehicle.

Easy to hide

The Logixtar tracker size is the smallest and lightest, Dimensions L3.22” *W1.37” *H0.55”, weight 1.94 OZ.

Street viewStreet view

Share tool Share tool

Fuel controlFuel control

Reporting tool Reporting tool

Live street view & traffic

Our platform includes Street View by Google and only few platforms have integrated this amazing tool. You can see million of images of streets and places thru our Logixtar platform when your vehicle or people is moving or is stopped.

Sharing tool

The Sharing tool is used to create a shareable link to track GPS objects without having to login to the web platform.

Fuel control

Our platform is capable to know how much gas the vehicle has used. This tools is really useful to detect fuel theft.

Reporting tool

Generate reports as drives and stops, travel sheet, over-speeds, under-speeds, geofence in/out, stops, speed limit, events, service, fuel level, fuel fillings, fuel thefts, Format PDF, HTML, XLS.


✅ RELIABLE TRACKING SERVICE: Logixtar 4G Wired mini–GPS Tracker Kill Switch Smallest and lightest, Dimensions L3.22” *W1.37” *H0.55”, weight 1.94 OZ, working volage DC (9-100v). Easy to use and install to your vehicle and start to track, doesn’t need charging, track it anywhere, and anytime in real-time, our devices support global position satellite network, Simple and user-friendly, Track from any iOS or Android devices or any web browser, affordable subscription from $6.50. US support
✅ THE MUST ADVANCE FEATURES: Get Real -Time tracking, customize unlimited geofence boundaries, get historical data for one year, share tool, set unlimited alerts like speed, moving, distance, stops, disconnect or connect the device, harsh behavior, crash detection, towing, gas expenses control, schedule your vehicle maintenances and more.
✅ IGNITION DETECTION AND KILL SWITCH – Get real-time status for ACC/Ignition from your vehicle. Logixtar GPS vehicle tracker includes a kill switch relay. You can install the relay according to you need or just use it to track. You can cut off oil/power anytime sending the command throw the Logixtar app or desktop, the device will cut off oil/power when the vehicle speed be less than 20km/h, you can restore sending the restore command.
✅ COVERAGE: More than 180 countries with our global SIM cellular connectivity platform to connect your IoT devices around the world. With our global SIM in your device included you’ll be able to connect to the most comprehensive list of Tier 1 global networks via a single SIM, devices access to over 300 cellular networks around the world, connect and manage their device fleets globally. ask if your country is available.
✅ WHY LOGIXTAR: Affordable subscription: Our tracking platform requires a subscription, no contract – cancel anytime – monthly updates our to platform, English and Spanish support 24/7 by chat or email. Support team locate in US, damaged protection plan for the device while the subscription is active (optional). First month subscription service refunded unsatisfied and 30 days free device return.
✅ INSTALLATION: We highly recommended find an experienced technician if you want to install the relay to use the remote Cut-Off (Fuel /Power).

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Price: $24.99
(as of Jan 01, 2024 16:22:20 UTC – Details)

Introducing the Logixtar Wired Mini GPS Tracker Kill Switch, the ultimate security solution for your car, motorcycle, truck or any motor vehicle. This innovative device allows you to remotely cut the power to your vehicle, providing you with peace of mind and an added layer of protection against theft.

With the Logixtar GPS Tracker Kill Switch, you can receive instant alerts whenever your vehicle is moved without your authorization, allowing you to take quick action to protect your valuable assets. You can also access the history of your vehicle’s movements and easily plan and track your routes, giving you complete control and visibility over your vehicle at all times.

Starting at just $6.50, the Logixtar GPS Tracker Kill Switch is an affordable and effective security solution that provides a high level of protection for your vehicle. With US support and no contract required, you have the flexibility to cancel anytime without any hassle.

Don’t leave the safety of your vehicle to chance. Invest in the Logixtar Wired Mini GPS Tracker Kill Switch today and ensure that your vehicle is always secure and protected.


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