German Style Motorcycle Helmet for Adult Men Women, Motorcycle Half Helmets with Face Shield, DOT Approved Retro Half Shell Helmet for Moped Cruiser Scooter

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motorcycle half helmetmotorcycle half helmet

Step back in time and embrace the classic era of motorcycling with our German Style Helmet.

This vintage-inspired headgear combines retro aesthetics with modern safety features, offering a unique blend of style and protection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this helmet is perfect for riders who appreciate a touch of nostalgia.

DOT helmetDOT helmet

Personalized Masks

To further enhance your riding experience, our German Half Helmet comes with personalized masks that add an extra layer of functionality and style. These masks offer protection against dust, debris, and wind, ensuring a clear field of vision and a comfortable ride.

Adule motorcycle helmetAdule motorcycle helmet

helmet for man womenhelmet for man women

german motorcycle helmetgerman motorcycle helmet

Quick-Release Buckle

Strap for a Secure Fit and Easy on and Off and holding the helmet securely on your head.

Comfortable Inner Lining

Filled with high-density EPS, and combined with a soft liner, it can greatly absorb impact forces


Mask and goggles can be remove to match your other helmets and masks. Does not interfere with wearing glasses, even when worn.

motorcycle helmetmotorcycle helmet


Stylish Design: This German-style half helmet features a sleek and stylish design, making it a fashionable choice for motorcycle enthusiasts. With its classic appeal and attention to detail, it’s sure to turn heads on the road.
Fashion Mask: The included fashion mask is designed to provide excellent breathability, ensuring fresh airflow while keeping out dust and debris. It allows you to breathe easily and comfortably, enhancing your overall riding comfort.
Breathable Construction: Say goodbye to sweaty rides! This motorcycle half helmet is equipped with excellent heat dissipation structure, allowing air to circulate efficiently and preventing heat buildup. Enjoy a cool and comfortable riding experience, even on hot days.
Lightweight and Easy to Wear: Weighing in at a lightweight, this cool helmet is designed to reduce strain, making it easy to wear for extended periods. The fine design ensures a snug fit without compromising comfort, allowing you to focus on the road ahead.
Beautiful and Durable: Crafted with attention to detail, this skull cap half helmet boasts a beautiful finish that adds a touch of elegance to your riding gear. The high-quality ABS materials used in its construction ensure durability, providing long-lasting protection and style for your motorcycle adventures.

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Price: $51.23
(as of Jan 01, 2024 09:55:58 UTC – Details)

Introducing the German Style Motorcycle Helmet, the perfect combination of safety and classic style for adult men and women riders. This retro half shell helmet with a face shield offers the ultimate protection while cruising on your moped, cruiser, or scooter.

Approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT), this helmet ensures that your head is protected in the event of an accident. The durable construction and high-quality materials make it a reliable choice for any rider.

The German-style design adds a touch of vintage flair to your riding gear, while the comfortable fit and adjustable strap ensure maximum comfort on long rides. The face shield provides added protection from the elements, making it ideal for all weather conditions.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, this motorcycle helmet is a must-have for anyone who values safety and style on the road. Upgrade your riding experience with the German Style Motorcycle Helmet today!


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