FHS Smokeless Motor Oil (4 Quarts) – High-Performance Engine Oil w/Proprietary Synthetic Oil Blend – Car Oil Stays Cleaner, Reduces Emissions, Extending Mileage – Diesel & Turbo No-Smoke Oil

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FHS Smokeless Ultra Pure Oil (4 Quarts): FHS stop-smoke oil is an environment-conscious and economical solution to automotive air pollution. This ultra clean engine oil does not contain other oils’ burnable, smog-producing impurities. Our smokeless oil is a pure, high-quality smokeless synthetic gear oil, derived from our FHS no-smog oil, that will protect your engine like no other. A simple smokeless synthetic engine oil change costs much less than the major work required to fix a mechanical problem. This smogless oil is simply a better oil. Our smokeless synthetic diesel oil works, guaranteed! FHS Supply and Manufacturing, Inc. have been making specialty oils/racing oils since 1969! Our premium synthetic oil has a special sealing/anti-wear agent that covers cracks and prevents wear better than other types of clean emissions oil. This smokeless synthetic oil for car’s sealing/anti-wear agent was originally designed for racing engines, and therefore our low emissions oil gives incredible protection without thickening, gumming, or slowing the engine like other products. Racers on the ragged edge need the fastest oil with the best protection. This same anti-wear agent greatly extends the mileage possible on the same oil change. That clear oil can easily go 6000+ miles per change. FHS SmokeLess will work in a turbo. However, it is less likely to stop smoking in cars with a turbo. — Smokeless Ultra Synthetic Oil Ingredients: FHS Proprietary Oil (Non-Hazardous Synthetic Oil), Phosphate Oil Blend, and Tritolyl phosphate. — Note: Smokeless is oil, not an additive. If you mix it with other oils you will get smoke. You also need to change the oil filter, as old oil can get trapped in the filter. About Us: FHS Supply & Manufacturing, Inc. has been specializing in cutting-edge racing oils & fuels and methanol/nitro-based R/C model fuels for over 50 years.
Smokeless Oil Set of 4: Designed to bring new life, performance, and protection to an aging, worn engine. Our smokeless protection oil for engines is manufactured from the finest ingredients to stop oil smoking, reduce emissions, to give a cleaner, more environment-friendly vehicle.
Survives Extreme Racing Conditions: A synthetic motor oil derived from high-performance racing oils, designed to withstand extreme conditions. Using innovative, and cutting-edge technology, we have created this smoke-away oil to give new life to worn-out engines.
Ultra-Pure Non-Smoking Oil: Superior quality, extreme-high-temperature, ultra-pure full synthetic oil has a flashpoint much greater than 500 F and is free of volatile impurities found in other oils. Our FHS oil is smokeless, reduces emissions, and extends the mileage between oil changes. Although clear, it darkens slightly after use in an engine.
The solution to Automotive Air Pollution: This smokeless synthetic oil for diesel engine is consumer-tested and proven to stop oil-related smoking, reduces pollution emissions, and extends the life of worn engines, enhancing the value of your car. Our anti-smoke oil is an excellent engine revitalizer for used car sellers, owners, and buyers alike.
Instructions to Use: Drain old oil out, change the oil filter, and fill up with our smokeless synthetic racing oil. Results should be almost immediate. Let the car run for about 15 minutes if it is still smoking. After 15 minutes your car should stop smoking as long as you use this oil without additives or mixing.

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Price: $89.99
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Introducing FHS Smokeless Motor Oil, the high-performance engine oil that outperforms the competition. Our proprietary synthetic oil blend is specially designed to keep your car’s engine cleaner, reduce emissions, and extend mileage. With 4 quarts of this top-grade oil, you can rest assured that your car’s performance will be at its best.

This diesel and turbo no-smoke oil is formulated to meet the demands of modern engines, providing superior lubrication and protection. Say goodbye to the hassle of smoke and residue with our smokeless motor oil. Not only will it keep your engine running smoothly, but it will also help to reduce harmful emissions, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.

Order your FHS Smokeless Motor Oil today and experience the difference in performance, cleanliness, and longevity for your vehicle. Keep your engine running at its best with FHS.


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