Bling Sauce Cleaning/Detailing Kit for Cars, Boats, RV, Motorcycles-4-Pack, 20 oz Each

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boat blingboat bling

boat blingboat bling

Boat Bling was founded in 2004 by two avid boaters and friends with the goal of bringing premium, innovative products to the boating market.

Seeking a scalable product to reinvent the marketplace, cleaning products became the direction and the “Sauce” names were created on a cocktail napkin over Mexican food (hence the Hot Sauce name).

boat bling, cleaner, boat, rc, power sports, atvboat bling, cleaner, boat, rc, power sports, atv

What sets HOT SAUCE apart from the other hard water spot removers on the market?

Most hard water spot removers strip wax. HOT SAUCE is the only product to successfully remove the hardest water spots without stripping wax. In fact, HOT SAUCE has been proven in independent testing to provide added protection to gel coat and painted surfaces.

Are other products using the same formula as Bling Sauce?

Absolutely NOT, these are all EXCLUSIVE formulas developed through years of research to provide the absolute best products available. Bling Sauce is your only source for these amazing products.

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Includes 4 top-selling products packaged in a convenient kit
Hot Sauce – Hard water spot remover with polymer sealants. Finally a solution for removing spots without damaging wax!
Vinyl Sauce – Premium vinyl, leather and plastic cleaner. Safe and effective in removing tough grime from interior surfaces.
Condition Sauce – Ultimate UV protectant and conditioner for your interior. Great for rubber, plastic and leather surfaces.
Quickie Sauce – Professional wax with show sealant and UV protection. Montan wax blend is easy to apply and ideal for exterior painted and fiberglass surfaces

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Introducing the Bling Sauce Cleaning/Detailing Kit for Cars, Boats, RVs, and Motorcycles! This 4-pack includes four 20 oz bottles of our premium cleaning and detailing solution, perfect for keeping your vehicles looking their best.

Our specially formulated Bling Sauce is designed to effortlessly lift dirt, grime, and other contaminants from your vehicle’s exterior, leaving behind a brilliant, streak-free shine. Whether you’re cleaning your car, boat, RV, or motorcycle, our versatile solution is tough on dirt but gentle on surfaces, making it safe to use on a variety of materials.

Each bottle is easy to use and provides ample product for multiple cleaning sessions. Simply apply the Bling Sauce to the desired surface, agitate with a soft cloth or brush, and wipe clean for professional-quality results. The 20 oz size is perfect for storing in your vehicle or garage for quick touch-ups and routine maintenance.

Don’t settle for average cleaning products – elevate your detailing game with the Bling Sauce Cleaning/Detailing Kit. Keep your vehicles looking spotless and showroom ready with this high-performance cleaning solution.


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