BLACK+DECKER BM3B Fully Automatic 6V/12V Battery Charger/Maintainer with Cable Clamps and O-Ring Terminals

$ 27.64

The Black & Decker BM3B battery charger/maintainer features 6 volt and 12 volt charging selectivity. Use for battery maintenance, charging RVs, specialty vehicles, antique and classic cars, marine deep cycle batteries, motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft and more. Maintains battery charge in stored vehicles and battery applications. Includes three connector sets: DC accessory plug, battery clips, and battery ring terminals. Fully automatic, provides a charge when needed, stops charging when battery is fully-charged or topped-off. Built-in circuit protection guards against overcharging, reverse polarity or short circuit.
Battery Maintainer for use on 6V & 12V battery systems Charges 6 and 12 volt AGM, GEL and WET batteries
Easy connection to vehicle battery using the included battery clips or O-ring terminals
High-frequency smart charging technology keeps batteries at optimal charge
Automatically switches between charging mode and float mode monitoring
Built-in mounting bracket

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Price: $27.64
(as of Jan 02, 2024 04:50:24 UTC – Details)

The BLACK+DECKER BM3B Fully Automatic 6V/12V Battery Charger/Maintainer is a reliable and versatile solution for keeping your vehicle’s battery at peak performance. This charger is designed to work with both 6V and 12V batteries, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles.

The charger features fully automatic operation, so you can simply connect it to your battery and let it do the work. It includes both cable clamps and O-ring terminals for easy and secure connections to your battery.

With built-in safety features to prevent overcharging, reverse polarity, and short-circuiting, you can trust that your battery will be charged and maintained safely and efficiently. Whether you need to recharge a dead battery or simply maintain the charge on a vehicle that isn’t used frequently, this charger is up to the task.

Compact and easy to use, the BLACK+DECKER BM3B is a must-have for any vehicle owner who wants to ensure their battery is always ready to go. Keep your battery in top condition with this reliable and convenient battery charger/maintainer.


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