2023 New Speedometer HUD GPS Digital Speed Meter MPH Speedo Head Up Display for Cars Trucks, USB Cable Plug & Play (G20-Only Green)

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Product Description

VJOYCAR G20 GPS HUD Digital SpeedometerVJOYCAR G20 GPS HUD Digital Speedometer

The Accurate Speedometer in 1 MPH Increments. Say “NO” to high profit, HUD GPS Speedometer from Manufacture directly.

Universal HUD GPS  Speedometer for CarsUniversal HUD GPS  Speedometer for Cars

car dashboard speedometercar dashboard speedometer

GPS Speedometer Beidou SpeedometerGPS Speedometer Beidou Speedometer

Universal GPS Speedometer

Can be widely used on car, truck, bus, pick-up, van, train, boat, SUV, golf cart, scooter, electric-car, new energy vehicle, HEV, BEV, FCEV…But it’s not waterproof, no internal battery, don’t suggest to work on motorcycle or bike.

Bright HUD Display

Simple function – only display “driving speed”, digitals in big fonts, special sunshine hood and HD display screen… all make the HUD display very clear at day and night. Start safety driving from now on.

GPS+Beidou Dual Chipsets

Using “real 10 Hz high refresh rate”, GPS + Beidou dual chipsets, the digital speed refresh smoothly, please check our product video, you can get “how smoothly, no skip speed ” very clear.

Digital Speed Display Digital Speed Display

Accurate Speed DisplayAccurate Speed Display

External Speedometer DisplayExternal Speedometer Display

High Performance Chip

Dual running memory and dual core processor to ensure high speed operation fluently. Therefore, its max driving speed is 199MPH only. The speed unit is MPH only. If you want to use it out of USA where need KM/H, please contact with us directly.

Accurate Speed Display

The speed data is collecting from GPS satellites, the original car dashboard speed is from car engine ( tyre revolution ), therefore, the HUD speed should be a bit different from your car dashboard speed. However, it has the same working logistic as the speeding radar.

USB Cable Plug and Play

The HUD display doesn’t have any button, no need any setting. When you receive it, connect it with USB cable(in our gift box), then connect it to your car USB port or car adaptor, it can work directly. When car is on, it will be on; when car is off, it will be off automatically.

G20 HUD GPS speedometerG20 HUD GPS speedometer

GPS Speedometer G20GPS Speedometer G20

G20 HUD GPS speedometerG20 HUD GPS speedometer

Gift Box Package

If you are car electronics shops, or car repair service shops, bulk order will enjoy better offer for distributors. Custom package gift for you.

Product Size

Smart HUD size, fit on car dashboard very well. Even elderly people with weak sight or drivers with sunglasses, the speed is very clear!

Real Working Photo on Car Dashboard

Very cool design, can be work well on old & new cars. If any problems or suggestions, please contact with us directly.

Item model number ‏ : ‎ G20
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ October 25, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ VJOYCAR
Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China

【Head Up Display】HUD display, it has only one function – display the driving speed. Compared to normal LED HUD on market, it doesn’t need paste any project film on car glass, and it doesn’t have double image even under terrible sunshine at noon.
【GPS Speedometer】Collects the speed data from GPS satellites, no relation with car engine, no destroy to car circuit board or OBD port, and can be widely used on SUV ATV Pick-up Truck Scooter Golf Cart Bus Boat Train Bike Motorcycle… can work on all vehicles on the market.
【Install】Easy install and use, no buttons, no need any setting, no need read manual, USB Cable plug and play. If your car has a USB port, pls plug the USB cable to USB port; if your car doesn’t have a USB port, then give it a car adaptor.
【On/Off automatically】 Built in vibration sensor, when detect car motion, it will be on and display the driving speed in big fonts; if keep stationary 100% for more than 3 minutes, it will be off. When it’s off, no power consumption at all.
【Warranty】First time usage, it takes 10-30 seconds to get GPS signal, and it can’t work indoor. If the HUD device is faulty, no need spend time to return it to Amazon, just contact with us to ship you a new HUD directly. You are welcome at anytime.

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Price: $19.99
(as of Jan 01, 2024 17:47:41 UTC – Details)

Introducing the 2023 New Speedometer HUD GPS Digital Speed Meter MPH Speedo Head Up Display for Cars Trucks. This innovative device provides a clear and convenient way to monitor your vehicle’s speed, directly in your line of sight. The HUD display projects the speed and navigation information onto your windshield, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while staying informed.

Designed for ease of use, the speedometer HUD is powered by a simple USB cable plug and play system, making installation a breeze. The G20-Only Green model features a sleek and modern design, perfectly complementing the interior of your car or truck.

With GPS functionality, this speedometer HUD provides accurate speed readings, ensuring that you stay within the speed limits at all times. Stay ahead of the curve and upgrade your driving experience with the 2023 New Speedometer HUD GPS Digital Speed Meter MPH Speedo Head Up Display.


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