Wizards Motorcycle Cleaning Kit – Cleaner, Quick Detailer, and Bug Remover with Fiber Cloth and Detailing Bag – Stain Remover for Motorcycles – Portable Motorcycle Accessories and Cleaning Kits

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Make it Shine!

Wizards Products is the creator and manufacturer of the Wizards brand. We offer a professional line of specialty appearance products for the automotive industry, as well as a complete line of motorcycle products. Our products have been successfully marketed to quality automotive paint jobbers, body shops, parts stores, specialty boutiques, motorcycle shops, marine suppliers and private aircraft suppliers throughout the United States, Canada and Internationally.

What Makes Us Wizards

We strive to develop the best car cleaners and detailing tools since 1986; we formulate, blend and package our own products; a manufacturer with exclusive formulas and owner involvement. Our customers tell us we have the best high-gloss polish, sealants, spray wax, rubbing compounds and detailing products available today.

Restores Motorcycles Original Properties Professional Grade Specialty Detailing, Shining and Finish Protection Products Protects and Shields From Dust Particles Easy To Use Instructions Made for Motorcycles Enthusiasts Safe for All Vehicles, Paint, Chrome, & Glass

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Wizards Motorcycle Cleaner Kits (Saddle Pack)

PERFECT SIZE FOR YOUR SADDLE BAG: Wizard’s Motorcycle Saddle Pack includes (1) Mist-N-Shine 2oz, (1) Bug Release 2oz, (1) Bike Wash 2oz, (1) Tire & Vinyl Shine 2oz, (1) Microfiber Cloth, 16″ x 16″ full size.

WIZARDS – Bike Wash, Professional High-Gloss Detailing and Surface Cleaner Spray (22 oz.)

Dust, clean, and shine all motorcycle paint, chrome, plastics, glass, and ceramic coating. Brightens motorcycle paint and hides light swirls without liquid polishing abrasives. It will not scratch or streak, even in direct sun.

Wizards – Motorcycle Quick Kit Cleaner, Detailer, and Bug Remover with Fiber Cloth and Bag

The Wizards Motorcycle Quick Kit contains Mist-N-Shine for Motorcycles (22 oz.), Bug Release for Motorcycles (22 oz.), and Bike Wash Bike Cleaner (22 oz.) with a Multi-Fiber Detail Cloth all packed into a convenient nylon tote bag.

Complete and Professional Cleaning Kit For Motorcycle: Give your bike the professional care it needs in a motorcycle bag. Each product in this detail kit is designed to meet the maintenance needs of your vehicle. Wizards Bike Wash is a powerful foaming spray specifically targeting the tough road grime, oil, grease, and brake dust associated with extended riding. Wizards Mist and Shine adds that show-winning gloss and slickness with our anti-static formula for spot cleaning.
Take it Anywhere and Everywhere: Our handy motorcycle detailing kit features a comprehensive set of products geared towards giving your vehicle a professional quality shine in just one saddle bag. Each bike kit includes Wizards Mist and Shine, Bug Release, Bike Wash, and a multi-fiber detail cloth.
Protects and Cleans Surfaces: Each product in this bike cleaning kit provides professional detailing quality with a show winning shine. It also helps remove dust, dirt and oily fingerprints from any surface. It is also a strong motorcycle bug cleaner without scratching or harming the paint job
Safe and Easy to Use: Our detailing supplies are non-toxic and biodegradable, does not use wax, silicone, harmful abrasives or petroleum solvents, water-based and VOC compliant.
Satisfaction Policy: Wizards Products will stand by the quality and performance stated of all items sold on this website, presuming products are used as directed for their intended purpose. If you are dissatisfied with your Wizards Products purchase for any reason please contact a customer service team member immediately.

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Introducing the Wizards Motorcycle Cleaning Kit, the ultimate solution for keeping your bike looking its best. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to easily and effectively clean your motorcycle, including a cleaner, quick detailer, bug remover, fiber cloth, and a durable detailing bag.

The specially formulated cleaner and bug remover are designed to cut through tough grime and residue, leaving your bike looking shiny and new. The quick detailer is perfect for touch-ups, providing a streak-free finish and protecting your bike from the elements.

The included fiber cloth is soft and gentle on your bike’s surfaces, ensuring a scratch-free cleaning experience. Plus, the detailing bag makes it easy to keep all of your cleaning essentials organized and portable, so you can take them on the go.

Whether you’re hitting the open road or simply want to keep your bike looking its best, the Wizards Motorcycle Cleaning Kit is the perfect solution. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and grime with this portable and convenient cleaning kit, designed specifically for motorcycles. Add this essential accessory to your collection today and enjoy the satisfaction of a sparkling clean motorcycle every time you ride.


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